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Amarok Gets Updated to 1.4.5

Amarok IconThe best music manager and player (IMHO) for Linux, Amarok, has been updated to version 1.4.5. If you are an Ubuntu user, it works without any problems in the Gnome desktop environment, even though it is a KDE application. You can download the new version here:


Some notable new features and changes include:

  • An integrated Shoutcast stream directory.
  • Support for custom labels. Organize your music how you want.
  • Magnatune redownload manager
  • Improved sound quality when using the equalizer with xine.
  • “Automatically show context browser” feature makes a return, as per popular request. It is however disabled by default.
  • Cover images are shown in collection browser.
  • New items in the playlist are colorized, as a visual cue.
  • Synchronize play count, last played time and date of modification to iPods
  • Greatly improved sound quality for the xine equalizer.
  • …and much more.

As a side note, Linux FUD is included in Amarok’s Wiki. 🙂 Neat.

Amarok Suddenly Stops Playing MP3s

I noticed today that Amarok suddenly decided to stop supporting MP3 playback. I would try to load a song in a playlist and Amarok would tell me something along the lines that it does not support the MP3 format and that Xine couldn’t play it. It provided me with a “Install MP3 Support” button, but I when I would click it Amarok would freeze and I’d have to kill it.

This perplexed me since it worked yesterday.

My first step was to see if I could play an MP3 from another application like Listen. It worked.

I tried re-installing Amarok, but that didn’t work. I did some Googling and found the solution:

  1. Close Amarok
  2. Delete the ~/.xine folder. (That’s the .xine folder in your Home directory)
  3. Restart Amarok.
  4. Play an MP3

Since this may have been a unique situation, this solution may not necessarily work for you. Nonetheless, I hope I helped someone out there. If it did work for you, please leave any comment here so I know I helped someone! 🙂