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“Adventures” Series Featured on Tuxmachines.org

Linux FUD 'Adventures' Series Featured on Tuxmachines.org

My little Linux FUD blog (with a somewhat contradictory name!) has seen an influx of visitors twice within the past month for my “Adventures” series, making Linux FUD one of the Top Blogs and Fastest Growing blogs on WordPress twice (for a while), all thanks to srlinuxx for featuring the series (1, 2) at Tuxmachines.org.

I have to admit, though, that my little blog wouldn’t get as much attention if it weren’t for the fact that I concentrate on the Ubuntu distribution. The name is getting a lot of attention everywhere.

Ubuntu is getting a lot of flack from users at Digg.com since every time the Ubuntu name is mentioned there, it makes it to the top and the front page. Most of the time, these articles are either useless, repetitive how-to’s, or down-right inaccurate.

What pisses people off the most is the fact that new Ubuntu Linux users tend to think that what they can do in Ubuntu can ONLY be done in Ubuntu, when in fact, it can be done in any distribution. Just do a search for “Ubuntu” at Digg.com and see what I mean. Understandably, regular Linux users of ALL distributions are tired of it and want to see some good quality news articles on Linux at Digg.com, not just Ubuntu. I’m one of them.