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Geeky Distractions: Falling Into the Pits of Geekiness

Two months and eight days. That’s how long it has been since my last post on December 3, 2006. There’s no excuse, but there are reasons. Not that these reasons are justified.

I got distracted. Well, to be honest, I got geekier… and distracted.

First, I got sucked into this massive multiplayer online roleplaying space game called EVE Online: Revelations. I even had a promo on here for a while. It’s a great game. EVE OnlineI’m not a gamer, but I’ve been fascinated with the cosmos of late and when I saw the screenshots and trailers, I had to give the 14-day trial a go. For 2 weeks I was immersed in travelling the universe. And when I mean travel, I literally mean over 30 minutes of real-time gameplay just to travel from one point to another at hyper speed with brief stops. This game universe is IMMENSE and awe-inspiring! It’s quite odd travelling the universe without a real sense of up or down. Anyhow, once my trial was done, it satisfied my curiosity and quenched my fascination and I let it go.

Second, I once again screwed up my computer by installing Windows Vista Ultimate… legally, I might add (MSDN Subscription). Windows VistaAlthough my main system is Ubuntu, I’m a true geek and I really wanted to have Vista, despite all the warnings. It’s a new toy to play with. I tried installing it in a dual-boot configuration with Ubuntu, but it seems Vista’s boot-loader has changed and it now takes over your system – in a true Microsoft way – and no matter what I would do, I couldn’t get a GRUB menu. Nevertheless, Vista doesn’t work well with my audio card and crappy ATI Radeon 9200SE card so I did a clean install of Windows XP, preserving my Ubuntu. I’ll try again later once I have better hardware and research.

Third, the Christmas holidays happened. No time really to be blogging.

Fourth, with my fascination with the Cosmos still strong and vibrant, I started watching Stargate SG1 from Season 1 to Season 9 and Stargate: Atlantis, enthralled with the idea of travelling to billions of other solar systems and planets. I started watching it New Year’s day and I’m currently halfway through Season 9 of SG1 and Season 2 of Atlantis. That’s a lot of Stargate! There’s no soap in the world that will wash the geek out of me now! (And no, I don’t live in my parents’ basement. I have my own home, thank you.:))

World of Warcraft LogoFifth, I got distracted by trying out World of Warcraft for a week. Again, I’m not a gamer, but I’m captivated by the whole concept of massive real-world gaming worlds.

Sixth, I got a brand-new 20.1″ LG LCD monitor (L204WT) to replace my failing Samsung 19″ SyncMaster 955DF CRT monitor, and it was only 2 years old. l204wt_lrg.jpgWhy is this a distraction? Well, my old CRT monitor was getting very blurry (common problem with this monitor – don’t buy one) and I had to reduce the contrast to make the screen darker so I can read the text on it… and the colors weren’t vibrant. So when I got the LCD, it was like a whole new world for me. I am now able to theme my OSes with darker themes and still read the text. I’ve been playing around A LOT with my themes in both Ubuntu and Windows XP. I will have screenshots of them posted here soon. Ubuntu looks so much better than I’m used to now. The only gripe about this monitor is that it has an odd resolution of 1680 x 1050 and it makes it difficult to find wallpapers that fit without having to edit them.

So that makes 5 pits of geekiness (not counting the Xmas point) that I fell into that distracted me from this blog. Someone throw me a rope. Well, this blog could be considered another geek pit. Hopefully now I’ll steer clear from these attractive pits of geekiness and concentrate on this blog a little more. 😉

Stay tuned…