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Brandon’s Desktop


When I agreed to post on Linux FUD as a regular contributor, one of Kevin’s first requests was that I post a screenshot of my desktop. At first, I thought this was a rather strange request, but then again, this is a great way for you to get to know me a little better. So, here it is…

Brandon’s Ubuntu Desktop

The background image changes on occasion, though I keep coming back to this one time and again. Ubuntu is based on Debian, so I really don’t mind displaying the logo. I have an affection for still life photography, and in my opinion this shot is well framed and rich in color. I am also a bit of a coffee snob. The white bands on the top and bottom provide a nice, clean backdrop for symlink and launcher icons (i.e. shortcuts to directories and programs respectively).

It may strike you as odd that my toolbars are docked on the left, and not in the typical top (Gnome) or bottom (Windows) positions. This is a byproduct of using a laptop. My screen resolution is 1280 X 768, and the toolbars take up valuable desktop real estate when in either of these other two positions. The semi-transparency of the skinny toolbar is purely for aesthetics, and I think it contrasts quite well with the horizontal black bars.

Besides the file browser and terminal, open applications include the XMMS media player (my personal favorite) and Gweled, an Open Source version of Bejeweled by PopCap/Microsoft. I also opened the weather forecast desklet for eye candy.

And in case you were wondering, yes, this is Ubuntu 5.10, Breezy Badger. I hope to have time in my schedule for an upgrade to 8.04.




SCREENSHOT: March 4, 2007 – Dark and Fresh Ubuntu Linux

Well, here is my new Ubuntu Linux desktop. I’ve worked quite a bit on it, I am proud of it, and comfortable with it. What makes it complete is also what you cannot see in the screenshots. Read on to find out more…

I changed from this theme to the darker theme below when I finally replaced my CRT monitor for an LCD monitor. My CRT would never have made this theme usable; it would have been too dark to read anything. Therefore, if you have a CRT monitor and look at my screenshots and think that they’re too dark for you, it’s time you replace your monitor, cause holy smokes LCDs are WAY better! I even spent a lot of time customizing my Windows XP to a darker theme. I’ll post a screenshot of that desktop soon.

I also find that my new theme goes really well with the new Linux FUD WordPress theme called Freshy. Which brings me to names. I don’t know what to call this Desktop, though. It’s kinda Vista-y and Fresh. Maybe Freshta? Hehe… Freshta. I’ll have to sleep on that. 😉

Let me know what you think:

screenshot-bare-2007-03-04.png 1680 x 1050 – PNG

Busy – Amarok & Kopete:
screenshot-amarok-kopete-2007-03-04.png1680 x 1050 – PNG

Busy – Nautilus & Terminal
screenshot-nautilus-terminal-2007-03-04.png1680 x 1050 – PNG

UPDATE (2007.03.08): You can rate this Desktop on the Ubuntu Forums Gallery HERE.

Here are the details of, er, Freshta.

  • Wallpaper: “My Very Own Vista
  • Gnome Controls and Window Borders: Neutronium
  • Icon Theme: Amaranth (not sure if this came with Ubuntu/Gnome or if I installed it myself)
  • Dock Bar: gDesklets StarterBar with the background taken from the Neutronium theme.
  • Other icons used for the StarterBar, my gnome panels, and the desktop were gathered mainly at deviantArt and doing Google Image searches for icons.
  • Font: Segoe UI from Microsoft Vista and Office 2007
  • CPU temperatures and fan speeds: gkrellm
  • Analog clock: gDesklets FTB-clock
  • Network information: FTB-net-gauge
  • Amarok and Kopete: color schemes were changed by manually changing the color theme in my KDE desktop

What you don’t see also makes a big difference in the overall theme flow that makes it comfortable to use. For example, I use the Avio-GDM GDM Theme (sometimes the DarkCleanLinux GDM) and the DarkCleanLinux Splash theme. For the desktop background color, I use a Vertical Gradient with the following colors in Hex: #373737 and #000000 (Black), respectively; they go well with the splash when Ubuntu is loading. Other GTK colors were manually changed.

Check out all of my desktop screenshots.

SCREENSHOT: November 26, 2006 – NBC’s Heroes Gnome Desktop

I am a HUGE fan of the new television series by NBC called Heroes. I created my own Theme for my Gnome desktop based on the show. Here are a couple of screenshots. I call her “Eclipse”:

NBC’s Heroes Gnome Theme: Eclipse1280 x 1024 – PNG

NBC’s Heroes Gnome Theme: Eclipse1280 x 1024 – PNG

Gnome (Ubuntu)

Click thumbnails to enlarge to full size.

SCREENSHOT: November 20, 2006

In the “Adventures” series, a user asked to post a screenshot of my desktop to see the customizations I was talking about. It gave me the idea of posting my screenshot every time I made big changes to it. So I’ve decided to make it a regular thing here on Linux FUD.

You will find all of my screenshots HERE.

Although it isn’t what my desktop looked like at the time the customizations I mentioned in that post were made, here is my first screenshot… I call her “Glassy LiNsta”:

Ubuntu Screenshot - November 20, 2006 1280 x 1024 – PNG

Gnome (Ubuntu)

Click thumbnail to enlarge to full size. 

UPDATE:  The background can be found here:

There isn’t anything special with this desktop. It’s just Gnome with some window borders, icons, and wallpaper that I downloaded from the GNOME-Look site. No extra software to achieve it. Well, I mean, you do see other applications in that screenshot, but they don’t alter the look of it. Maybe just complement them! 😛

What do you think of it? I like the “freshness” of it… Maybe I should show you my GDM login screen, too. It goes perfectly with my desktop. I think it’s the best login screen around…

GDM LoginThe Shutdown button overlaps the faded design a little in this shot, but shows normally in a 1280×1024 screen; the GDM screen was shot within a nested xnest window.

I love the look of my desktop. 🙂