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Kewl Link: Microsoft says, ‘Freedom is a virus’

Okay, well not really. It’s…

“…a paraphrased quote on Microsoft’s position on freedom. Microsoft hates the GNU GPL, and considers it to be a virus that infects everything it touches. The GNU GPL, and licenses like it, preserve freedom. So logically, Microsoft hates freedom. This can be seen with the release of Windows Vista and all the delicious fun that OS has become to many who are now either switching back to XP, or getting off the Windows platform altogether. Microsoft also likes to use FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) to stop people using Linux, the only reason being that they would lose money…”

Why is this a Kewl Link? Well, I was on deviantART looking at some graphics and found this.

What do you think about the artist’s full comments on deviantART?

IBM to Fully Support Ubuntu with Lotus: Death of Ubuntu?

by Kevin Guertin

Lotus Notes

IBM believes Linux is finally ready for the corporate desktop.

In an announcement this week at the Lotusphere 2008 conference in Orlando, IBM said that it will provide full support for Ubuntu Linux with Lotus Notes 8.5 and Lotus Symphony using its Open Collaboration Client software, which is based on open standards.

Antony Satyadas, chief competitive marketing officer for IBM Lotus, said the Ubuntu support for Notes and Symphony were a direct response to demand from customers. Lotus Notes 8.0.1 has limited support for Ubuntu Linux, but customers have asked for broader capabilities, he said.

Based on Slashdot comments from users, this isn’t such a great announcement. Some go as far as saying that it will be the death of Ubuntu. Canonical, on the other hand, has said that the availability of Notes and Symphony for use with Ubuntu will be a win for customers everywhere.

Although I’ve never used Lotus (and don’t plan to), apparently over 100,000 business users are interested in moving to Ubuntu Linux on the desktop. That number is a good chunk. If it helps to squash FUD, I’m all for it. Especially for Linux on the business desktop.

What do you think? Will this really be the Death of Ubuntu or will it definitely help solidify Linux/Ubuntu in the corporate world?

Ubuntu 6.06.2 “Dapper Drake” LTS Released

The second maintenance release of “Dapper Drake” was released today with over 600 integrated post-release updates. This Long Term Support (LTS) version of Ubuntu will be supported until June 2009 on desktops and June 2011 on servers.

Amarok 2 Kutie Technology Preview Released

A pre-alpha release of the wonderful Linux media player for KDE, Amarok, was released today.

There are many things that are broken, non existent or flat out ugly, and we are well aware of that. Some things also work rather well. The purpose of this release is to inspire folks to stand up and help us finish Amarok 2.0. We need developers and artists…[more]

If you are brave and need to play, install it in Kubuntu by following these steps:

  1. Add deb gutsy main to your sources in /etc/apt/sources.list
  2. Run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install amarok2 amarok2-phonon

How to Change your Computer Name in (K)Ubuntu

Change my hostname in Ubuntu?


That is.

Simply replace the name in your /etc/hostname file as superuser (sudo) and save the file, as tells us.


gksu gedit /etc/hostname

As pie.

To see the change, restart your system.

EXTRA TIDBIT: Remember that gksu is the same as sudo, but it is the recommended command to use for graphical programs. In this case, gedit (Gnome’s Text Editor). Sudo is best suited for terminals, or command-line. You could have also typed in gksudo, but that is the same thing: it’s a symlink to gksu. And in KDE, you could have used kdesu (KDE SuperUser). Breaches Users’ Privacy – UPDATED: And Apologizes

This is completely unrelated to Linux, but I’m so completely livid that I’ve had to post in outrage at the completely unprofessional website for everyone to read.

I signed up to this website a little while ago while looking for a good online wine journal/social website/forum.

Today, I received an email from them describing two new features that were added to the site. (These new features are unimportant.)

What caught my attention was the 498 email addresses of users in the To: line for everyone to see! And they used a Gmail address to boot!

Here’s what it looked like (click to see full size):

Logabottle Email Breaching User’s Privacy

I replied to them saying:

How about a new feature called “Respecting people’s privacy by not including everyone’s email address in the To: line for everyone to see!” That was extremely unprofessional and you’ve probably pissed off a lot of people, including me. What the hell’s wrong with you???

Their website even tells users that:

At we respect your privacy.

Your e-mail will only be used for correspondence between site administrators and yourself in the event of account problems, questions, and for our site newsletters, which typically have been sent out only every few months.

Your e-mail will not be given out to advertisers, affiliates, or other third parties.

Yeah, uh huh. Sure, you stupid f!#$%#$!! Other users of the website are third parties!

I am completely pissed off that my email address was made available for every user of the website that received that email. It’s unprofessional, if not illegal. I don’t care at all if it was done by mistake. There is no excuse.

I complained about it on their forums. I’ve complained to them by email. I’ve also notified all 498 users about it by email, urging them to abandon the site and complain.

What else can I do? Submit this post to Digg? Notify prominent technology blogs? Ask you to post about it on your own blog? I don’t know.

Thanks for reading my rant.

UPDATED: Logabottle issued an appreciated apology to me and to all users by email, in the comments below, and on my forum post on their website. The email read:

Dear Valued members,

We value the privacy of our members. We strive to keep messages to our users to a minimum and send them only when we feel that there is important and useful information to share with you.

Therefore we apologize for not only needing to contact you again so soon, but to also inform you of a recent error with our most recent communication to members.

Recently, we sent you an e-mail regarding new updates to our website, which we feel could enhance your experience. Unfortunately, we made an error in addressing this e-mail which allowed for the user e-mail addresses to be seen by all recipients of the e-mail.

We at do respect your privacy, and you may view our privacy policy here: This e-mail was sent only to members who have permitted us to contact them and was not sent to any third parties outside the community.

We have also been made aware that you may have been contacted by another user regarding this incident. While we understand that this user wanted to share his views with you about our recent error, we feel he has slightly exaggerated the issue. Furthermore, we keep your e-mail information private from other companies to prevent unsolicited mass/spam e-mails of this nature.

We must also ask you now to respect the privacy of your fellow members and refrain from replying by e-mail to the group. A forum topic has been opened regarding our mistake, and you are more than welcome to share your comments there:; or to contact us directly at

As always, you may also change your mailing list preferences in your logabottle profile, accessible from your logabottle home page.

In the past you have trusted us to ensure your privacy and we must now ask that you give us time to restore that trust.

Please accept our apologies,


Jon, Katie & Steve
~never forget a great bottle of wine~

What is in bold in the email above is what I did not agree with and my response can be read on their board.


Who Says Linux Doesn’t Have an Extraordinary MMORPG Game?

Who Says Linux Doesn’t Have an Extraordinary MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that’s extremely easy to install (yes, like in Microsoft Windows)?? I love this game!

I started playing this game about a year ago in Windows, but I’m not a big gamer and I’m mostly in Ubuntu and it was not available for Linux at the time, so I didn’t continue playing after my trial.

But now it’s available for Linux — actually, it has been for a while, including a Mac client.

Eve Online Gameplay Screenshot

The name of the game is Eve. Or more accurately (at this posting) Eve Online: Trinity.

EVE Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that takes your real-world intellect and tactical knowhow, and places you in the throes of intergalactic battle for racial supremacy. As a pilot within the EVE universe, you’ll commandeer a variety of ships through distant solar systems in a quest for EVE dominance.

Unlike most MMOs, EVE Online takes place within one persistent universe, where all players exist. And like the real world, the clock’s always ticking. Lead or follow; fight or flee; destroy or become cannon fodder. Whichever path you take, your fate awaits you.

Watch a wicked sweet trailer of it:

Eve gamers will already know that it’s available for Linux, but for those who have never played Eve Online and who crave a good game in Linux, give this one a try.

What’s great about it is using Linux/Ubuntu/Gnome’s Workspace Switching between the game and the Eve online forums or anything else you want to do in your other workspaces/desktops.

See it in all its Ubuntu glory below:

I’ve installed it in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 and played it without any problems. It was so satisfying to be playing an incredible game in Linux! Can you say, “Microsoft, go format yourself!“?

Download a 14-day trial at and join the world’s largest game universe.

Again, it’s available for Ubuntu (or any Linux distribution), it’s free to try, and you’ll experience something quite unique and awesome.

Ubuntu Facebook Group

I thought I’d mention (in case you didn’t know) that there is an Ubuntu Facebook LogoFacebook group that you can join with only about 8,000 members. I’m sure there’s a lot more Ubuntu users out there on Facebook!

Many have posted videos and pictures (mainly screenshots) on this group.

You can also become a Fan of Ubuntu on Facebook.

How about we spread the word about our fave Linux distribution by joining this group and becoming a Fan to promote Ubuntu?

Prove that you’re a fan, Facebooker! 🙂

I’m Still Alive…

I would like to apologize for the lack of blogging here on Linux FUD. I can’t seem to find the time anymore to write anything with a full time job that requires traveling and other personal commitments. My priorities have changed drastically this year. I haven’t given up entirely… I will post whenever I can fit it in and whenever I have something worthwhile to write.

If anyone is interested in joining this blog as a writer (you don’t have to be an Ubuntu-only user, any distribution will do), you are more than welcome to join. Send me an email (see the Contact section) and we can work something out. This blog averages about 600-800 pageviews per day.

Thank you for understanding and here’s to hoping someone will be interested in becoming a writer for Linux FUD… pass me my beer.