UPDATE: UltraEdit for Linux!

I posted just over a year ago that my favorite text editor, UltraEdit, was going to be ported to Linux. In the last month or so, I discovered that alpha testing was already underway and that beta testing would soon start for Ubuntu users. Here are the links to the development updates for March and April.

3 responses to “UPDATE: UltraEdit for Linux!”

  1. xaccrocheur says :

    Wow, now this is good news !

    The whole Linux world is waiting in despair for a text editor !
    One with a right price ! Hooray ! 😉

  2. Octopusgrabbus says :

    I liked Ultra Edit when I used it nine years ago. Since then, it’s been vim and Epsilon.

  3. dchamp says :

    I’m a long time UltraEdit user on my Windows PC at work. At home, I use Quanta+ in Linux. It’s very similar, and OSS. Give it a try.


    I will probably try UEX, and have emailed them to be in the beta program.

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