Who Would Linux Hire?

As Microsoft is chided by the media and in the blogosphere about its decision to hire comedian Jerry Seinfeld as the new Vista spokesperson, I ponder just who the Linux community would hire as their representative. Assume for a moment that the community (a) actually had an interest in hiring a celebrity to “sell” the OS in the mass market and (b) could raise the money to pay the bill, who who it be?

Smart alec as I tend to be, the first comedian that comes to mind is Rodney Dangerfield, whose “No Respect” humor may speak to the feelings of current Linux users. There’s one small logistical problem to overcome – Dangerfield died in 2004.

How about Jeff Foxworthy? Tempting, but it would be too easy to digress into Windows-slamming. If your uptime utility doubles as an egg timer, you might be a Windows user…etc. etc.

Bill Engvall? Same problem. Flash up a screen cap of the BSOD“here’s your sign!”

I think I’ve decided that comedians were not the way to go afterall. A more serious actor may work out better.

Ah, Jack Nicholson! Now there’s a prospect! Just think of the taglines. “You can’t handle the truth!” “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” “You make me want to be a better man.” (Ok, not so sure about that last one.)

Well, enough pondering…time to get back to reality. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them.


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8 responses to “Who Would Linux Hire?”

  1. zorg says :

    Comedians? How about Steve Ballmer, he is often pretty funny, and already supports Linux a lot by his actions as a MS boss.

  2. morgan says :

    If you can count dead people then i’d choose Bill Hicks . He always talked the truth.

    Then again don’t you think john lennon / jimi hendrix would like the L.S.D like compiz….

    Also remember Ubuntu had the video from Nelson Mandela ……..

  3. morgan says :

    or … how about George bush – using windows,,,,,,,

  4. Nick L says :

    Sarah Silverman / Whoopi GoldBerg / Kathy Griffin / Rita Rudner / Penn & Teller /
    Robin Williams / Denis Leary / Shatner /

  5. Tom says :

    My vote would be for Lewis Black.

  6. edvard says :

    Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean… wearing a red hat.

  7. Kevin Guertin says :

    @edvard – Oooh… I like that one! 🙂

  8. Chap says :

    Linux already has Stephen Fry vouching for it.

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