For the Repose of the Spirit of ISO

Here is an interesting post from The Angry Admin ‘blog. The basic point being made is that Microsoft has succeeded in corrupting the ISO standard-setting process, attempting thereby to shake the faith in it and the standards that arise from it. Perhaps the title of the post should have made reference to the death of ISO, not ODF. Near the end, the company’s proficiency in FUD is highlighted; but, if true, it also reveals a slight difference from Microsoft’s typical modus in that a stalemate was considered acceptable. When it’s not winning the game, the company usually either bullies the other kids until it is declared the winner or picks up its toys and goes home; in this case, it opted to raze the playground. Could this be a sign of a weaker Microsoft? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.

In requiem,

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One response to “For the Repose of the Spirit of ISO”

  1. Zaine Ridling says :

    Next up for ODF is what will be an ITC standard (or is it IECTI?), which MS-OOXML will never be able to achieve. The world knows it’s the biggest crud ever coded next to Windows, and not only will you not see many MS-OOXML documents on the web compared to ODF files, but it’s been two years and still no one — not even Microsoft itself — has created a half-ass accurate converter for MS-OOXML. They bought their little private Ecma certification, and they just pulled a Karl Rove on ISO, which means ISO is worthless.

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