Kewl Link: Microsoft says, ‘Freedom is a virus’

Okay, well not really. It’s…

“…a paraphrased quote on Microsoft’s position on freedom. Microsoft hates the GNU GPL, and considers it to be a virus that infects everything it touches. The GNU GPL, and licenses like it, preserve freedom. So logically, Microsoft hates freedom. This can be seen with the release of Windows Vista and all the delicious fun that OS has become to many who are now either switching back to XP, or getting off the Windows platform altogether. Microsoft also likes to use FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) to stop people using Linux, the only reason being that they would lose money…”

Why is this a Kewl Link? Well, I was on deviantART looking at some graphics and found this.

What do you think about the artist’s full comments on deviantART?

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5 responses to “Kewl Link: Microsoft says, ‘Freedom is a virus’”

  1. Roy Schestowitz says :

    Good find. Keep it coming.

  2. Eden says :

    The Microsoft statement about the viral nature of the GPL is true. Take a look at the wikipedia article ( where it says: “The GPL has been described as being “viral” by many of its critics, because the GPL terms require that all modified versions of the original software, or other software that links with the original GPL software must in turn be licensed under the GPL.”

    So while I know that it is fun to poke fun at Microsoft I think the quote is confusing the message somewhat. This can be seen as an issue of perspective. As a software author you may see using GPL as taking away your freedom to choose how you would like your software distributed. If you link to a piece of GPL code you no longer have the freedom of choice when it comes to providing the source code or not. The GPL effectively attaches itself on to your work and forces you to use a compatible license. On the other hand the GPL does ensure that the source code is always freely available, that the rights of the author are protected and that all derived/linked are created in the same spirit.

  3. Bryan Dunn says :

    Kevin, took a look at your site after you commented on mine. Love the linux fud. I can’t believe I didn’t have a link on my page. Keep up the good work.

  4. Ceilidh says :

    As a software author you may see using GPL as taking away your freedom to choose how you would like your software distributed.

    I don’t see how that works. If I write some software, I have a choice of whether to use the GPL or not. If I remember the terms of the GPL correctly, I have the option of distributing my own software under multiple licenses if I want to. They don’t even have to be compatible. There’s no loss of freedom there.

    If I don’t want to release a piece of software under the GPL, there’s a very simple solution: don’t include any GPL code. I can write my own code instead of appropriating someone else’s work. Again, no loss of freedom. Just more work for me.

  5. aminesoft says :

    microsoft !! it’s virussssssssss

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