Newsreel: Crazies, Myths & Name Changes

For those who have asked for a break from the FUD and focus on why Linux is a great OS, I thought you might enjoy this short article from Linux Journal about why people are crazy about Linux. I find the author’s personal reasons for using Linux (listed just after the bulleted list) are similar to mine, especially the simplicity of text-based config files.

Also, here’s one from the downloadsquad regarding Linux myths. A few of these sound vaguely familiar.

Finally, some proposed name changes to Ubuntu derivatives have made the news. It is generally good practice to avoid changing the names of established products, especially more than once. The author hit the nail on the head… it’s confusing. It also impairs brand loyalty.


One response to “Newsreel: Crazies, Myths & Name Changes”

  1. Kevin Guertin says :

    I am crazy about Linux because I like having complete control over my OS. That includes theming, customization, and security. Enough said.

    As for downloadsquad’s list of Linux myths, I wholeheartedly agree that Linux is NOT any harder to use for the first time than it is to use any other operating system (Windows included) for the first time. Each must be learned.

    I am completely against renaming Ubuntu derivatives. Making it “Editions” will only make it sound like they are all the same distribution, but with more or less features, which is completely untrue. They are different environments. Different experiences. For different tastes. Let the ambiguity and conformity be handled by Microsoft and its operating system’s “Editions”… they do a great job doing that themselves.

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