IBM to Fully Support Ubuntu with Lotus: Death of Ubuntu?

by Kevin Guertin

Lotus Notes

IBM believes Linux is finally ready for the corporate desktop.

In an announcement this week at the Lotusphere 2008 conference in Orlando, IBM said that it will provide full support for Ubuntu Linux with Lotus Notes 8.5 and Lotus Symphony using its Open Collaboration Client software, which is based on open standards.

Antony Satyadas, chief competitive marketing officer for IBM Lotus, said the Ubuntu support for Notes and Symphony were a direct response to demand from customers. Lotus Notes 8.0.1 has limited support for Ubuntu Linux, but customers have asked for broader capabilities, he said.

Based on Slashdot comments from users, this isn’t such a great announcement. Some go as far as saying that it will be the death of Ubuntu. Canonical, on the other hand, has said that the availability of Notes and Symphony for use with Ubuntu will be a win for customers everywhere.

Although I’ve never used Lotus (and don’t plan to), apparently over 100,000 business users are interested in moving to Ubuntu Linux on the desktop. That number is a good chunk. If it helps to squash FUD, I’m all for it. Especially for Linux on the business desktop.

What do you think? Will this really be the Death of Ubuntu or will it definitely help solidify Linux/Ubuntu in the corporate world?

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19 responses to “IBM to Fully Support Ubuntu with Lotus: Death of Ubuntu?”

  1. Steve says :

    I have used and administered Lotus Notes/Domino with three different companies over the last 9 years. In my current position, I’ve been “playing” with Linux, Redhat, SUSE, and Mandrake. But only playing. Until Ubuntu7.04 coupled with Lotus Notes I have not been able to use Linux for my full-time OS Desktop/Notebook /Environment. Basically with Ubuntu/Lotus Notes/Domino/XVNCViewer, I can use/manage all responsibilities as IT Manager. I’ve been waiting for this for many years.

    Whether you like Lotus Notes or not, It works extrememly well in our environment. Besides E-Mail, Calendaring, Sametime, Internal IM, etc., It also hosts our CRM database very well with a third party Domino application. Lotus Notes/Domino has been extremely stable, especially running on the AS/400 platform as ours is. Reliable is an understatement. Also the fact that Lotus Notes/Ubuntu/AS/400 is NOT Microsoft!

    Don’t forget that IBM has for many years embraced Linux as a Legitimate platform. Give IBM kudos for going where no other “legit” company has.

  2. Isnt_it_funny says :

    I think I know how that will work: IBM will inject proprietary incompatible code into the kernel and require to replace half of the system tools by their own custom-made ones because they will be needed to have lotus run on linux – and then they will sue all Ubuntu users because they use patented code without paying horrible licence fees to IBM. Canonical will have to sell Ubuntu to IBM who will rename it to IBMUX – death of Ubuntu completed. Then IBM will begin to sue all other linux users for yet unknown reasons. In the end they will buy Microsoft, Apple, Google and Yahoo and hire Bill Gates to clean up the mess.

    No, seriously, I cannot image how a commercial product /availability/ could threaten an OS – the only influence that may have is that commercial/business users get more interest in the OS. I cannot see what could be wrong with that. The only person/company that could kill Ubunto is M.Shuttleworth/Canonical him/itself.

  3. Simon Scullion says :

    @ Isnt_it_funny, you had me going there for a minute!!

  4. Mixie says :

    That’s tabloid journalism. Try this:
    Lotus Notes on iPhone (it is more than a rumor BTW): death of Apple!
    Outlook on Android: death of Google
    Lotus Notes on Longhorn: death of Microsoft
    And for the record, my Lotus Notes client does not crash anymore than Office. But OpenOffice has never crashed on Ubuntu. Thunderbird mail client works great, but is limited to use against a Domino server. So I am looking forward to Ubuntu + Lotus Notes.

  5. KiL says :

    Oh, great I’m looking forward to running Lotus on Ubuntu… NOT. This is the most braindead anti-usability application I have ever seen in my life. Think you can’t possibly do much worse than Microsoft in UI design?

    Wrong. Lotus Notes is the Antichrist of usability. It’s that bad.

  6. HeadInTheClouds says :

    A little out of date!
    But ***** Excellent *****
    I work for a large organisation. We run Notes 😦
    At least moving Notes to Ubuntu allows us to enjoy a fast good looking operating system.
    Our XP normal image is now so slow it is unbearable, we encrypt, we script, we zap and we blat, resulting in 10-20 minute boot up times.
    I have just put a second disk in my laptop (CD caddy in a T400) with Ubuntu, and installed Notes 8.5.
    I can get to work in less than 1 minute, Notes actually performs on Ubuntu and Open Office seems more compatible with Word documents than Word 😉
    The only failing is Notes workspace, I have no text on my databases, and the icons go black.
    I do not see this as the end of Ubuntu, more the beginning of a real choice for us sl@ves of corporate systems, roll on the day!

  7. boublik says :

    I’ve never used Lotus notes and I hope that I won’t have to. But I don’t see why it would be the death of Ubuntu. Personal use and corporate use shouldn’t mix. Normal users should be able to have their cake the way it is and IBM will have it’s own icing on it which is Lotus Notes. It’d be cheaper for IBM and may some sort of income for Canonical.

  8. Raj says :

    I think author has not used other stuffs than email. So he doesn’t have much knowledge about Lotusnotes.

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