Archive | January 15, 2008

Top 10 Linux FUD Patterns, Part 1

The following is my Top 10 list of themes used by anti-Linux FUD campaigns. This list is based on observations made over my years of following the Linux market. The ranking loosely correlates to frequency of usage and is somewhat subjective at best. Understanding each pattern will help you recognize a nicely-prepared piece of FUD when you encounter it. Each will be covered in more depth in subsequent posts (links in the list).

  1. Linux has a steep learning curve.
  2. Linux is not “officially” supported.
  3. With Linux, you cannot access old files or share new files with others.
  4. There are no good software titles for Linux.
  5. Linux is not secure.
  6. Linux is low-quality software.
  7. Linux software is always behind the curve.
  8. Linux will void your warranty.
  9. Microsoft will sue you if you use Linux.
  10. The total cost of ownership for Linux is too high.

More to come!

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