Who Says Linux Doesn’t Have an Extraordinary MMORPG Game?

Who Says Linux Doesn’t Have an Extraordinary MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that’s extremely easy to install (yes, like in Microsoft Windows)?? I love this game!

I started playing this game about a year ago in Windows, but I’m not a big gamer and I’m mostly in Ubuntu and it was not available for Linux at the time, so I didn’t continue playing after my trial.

But now it’s available for Linux — actually, it has been for a while, including a Mac client.

Eve Online Gameplay Screenshot

The name of the game is Eve. Or more accurately (at this posting) Eve Online: Trinity.

EVE Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that takes your real-world intellect and tactical knowhow, and places you in the throes of intergalactic battle for racial supremacy. As a pilot within the EVE universe, you’ll commandeer a variety of ships through distant solar systems in a quest for EVE dominance.

Unlike most MMOs, EVE Online takes place within one persistent universe, where all players exist. And like the real world, the clock’s always ticking. Lead or follow; fight or flee; destroy or become cannon fodder. Whichever path you take, your fate awaits you.

Watch a wicked sweet trailer of it:

Eve gamers will already know that it’s available for Linux, but for those who have never played Eve Online and who crave a good game in Linux, give this one a try.

What’s great about it is using Linux/Ubuntu/Gnome’s Workspace Switching between the game and the Eve online forums or anything else you want to do in your other workspaces/desktops.

See it in all its Ubuntu glory below:

I’ve installed it in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 and played it without any problems. It was so satisfying to be playing an incredible game in Linux! Can you say, “Microsoft, go format yourself!“?

Download a 14-day trial at eve-online.com and join the world’s largest game universe.


Again, it’s available for Ubuntu (or any Linux distribution), it’s free to try, and you’ll experience something quite unique and awesome.

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19 responses to “Who Says Linux Doesn’t Have an Extraordinary MMORPG Game?”

  1. rogerio says :

    Ive tried Regnum Online and while it has both a Windows and Linux native client, it runs a lot better on Linux!
    It makes windows seem like a second grade citizen.

    This has to mean something right?

  2. Leben says :

    As of 2009, They have discontinued support for the linux client.

  3. nitr0ix says :

    eve on linux is no longer supported but i belive you still can run it with wine (EVEN WITH PREMIUM GRAPHICS) P.S PG were not included in linux clinet…And btw Eve online was not using native client so it cannot be defined as the game that can be nativly played on linux…uses WineX a.k.a Cedega(which is a Wine/Crossover games ripoff that doesnt even keep up with wine in any case)

  4. Fox says :

    cool story bro

  5. Ultimate Game Card says :

    Some of the Eve screenshots I see are simply beautiful. Outter space is beautiful period, lol. Linux on the Ps3 is pretty cool, but I’d never game on it.

  6. oe says :

    Linux on the PS3…yes I have any interest in video games beyond what runs on the Atari, but I did buy a PS3 to run linux and fortran code on. The teenagers in the house were horrified by what I did to it, but it runs numerical floating point code like a dream….I wonder if Sony made the newer slimline one incompatible with Linux because 1) they lost money one each one of these units sold, 2) a lot of big iron numerical simulation houses where buying these things in bulk to spew lines of numbers to simulate everything from quantum orbitals jumps to galaxy scale gravity simulations and keeping their “attach rates” in the basement. I know I have yet to buy a single game for these two units….why bother when I can find Atari cartridges on Ebay. The only modern console of the big three that looks like its good for gaming (Wii, Xbox360 or PS3) looks like the Wii, Nintendo seems to have gone beyond the traditional male mid-teen’s to mid-30’s crowd and sold that unit to young kids, older folks, women.

  7. Billy Holland says :

    I only recently started playing Eve Online through my linux box and I am really enjoying the game alot. So what if it isn’t native anymore, it runs beautifully in wine!

  8. tria says :

    i can try eve online

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