Yo! Linux Newbies! You Don’t Need an Antivirus!

No VirusRead EVERY WORD of this article by Joe Barr including its very helpful user comments and burn it in your brain: you are not using a Microsoft product when using Linux, therefore you will not get a virus. This is possible because Linux was built CORRECTLY and because of its implementation of permissions.

“Microsoft designed Windows to enable outsiders to execute software on your system. The company justifies that design by saying it enriches the user experience if a Web site can do ‘cool’ things on your desktop. It should be clear by now that the only people being enriched by that design decision are those who make a buck providing additional security or repairing the damage to systems caused by it.”

Get out of the Microsoft mentality.

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3 responses to “Yo! Linux Newbies! You Don’t Need an Antivirus!”

  1. Loki says :

    I know this is a hot button issue, and I am in no way sticking up for Microsoft, BUT, as a Windows user of 13 years, I have never had a virus. Adware, spyware, yes. Viruses can be avoided by anyone with just smart computing. If this is a large problem for you, move to a Linux distro. It’s much easier on the virus-anxiety.

  2. chivaago says :

    I hate Microsoft as much as any good Microsoft hater can. I still have to use it and haven’t ever had a virus. Basic house keeping and good hygiene keeps it so. But then, I read and am interested in those sorts of things.

  3. Anonymous says :

    I would still have some kind of security in (firestarter). Remember, no amount of security can beat social engineering.

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