Archive | February 26, 2007

Kewl Link: Your One-Stop Linux Command Line Shop!

Here is another great resource in learning the Linux command line. Terminal Shell Icon by fiendskull9 on deviantART.Quit rolling your eyes and don’t click away! This is for you, too, newbie! And you too, Ubuntu user! Don’t be such a chicken poop and start learning something besides how to find the best videos on YouTube! 😛 And quit crying.

Start by learning the shell and work your way to becoming a God by learning to write scripts. And becoming a God is not that difficult.

Kewl Link:

Yo! Linux Newbies! You Don’t Need an Antivirus!

No VirusRead EVERY WORD of this article by Joe Barr including its very helpful user comments and burn it in your brain: you are not using a Microsoft product when using Linux, therefore you will not get a virus. This is possible because Linux was built CORRECTLY and because of its implementation of permissions.

“Microsoft designed Windows to enable outsiders to execute software on your system. The company justifies that design by saying it enriches the user experience if a Web site can do ‘cool’ things on your desktop. It should be clear by now that the only people being enriched by that design decision are those who make a buck providing additional security or repairing the damage to systems caused by it.”

Get out of the Microsoft mentality.