How to Install Internet Explorer in Linux for Idiots

“Why the hell would you want to install Internet Explorer in Linux?”, you ask? Am I stupid? No. Well, at least I don’t think I am. 🙂

Sometimes you HAVE to load certain websites in Internet Explorer because there are still a lot of website designers that don’t know what tInternet Explorer Iconhe hell they are doing or have been brainwashed by Microsoft in believing that there are no other browsers out there, even though every other browser out there surpasses Internet Explorer in every way, even IE7. Why that browser still exists is beyond me; it should have gone down with Netscape. Stupid Microsoft brainwashing.

Anyhow, the fact remains: IE is a parasite that we must live with and use at one point or another. 😮

IEs 4 Linux is a remarkable project that allows you to run Internet Explorer 6, 5.5, and 5 on Linux, all at the same time (optional).

“Kevin, would you shut up and tell me how I can quickly and easily install this in Ubuntu?” Well, to answer your question, I won’t shut up! And you can quickly and easily install this in Ubuntu by following these steps:

You have to enable universe packages first. It is also recommended that you use the official winehq ubuntu package:

1) Open a terminal

2) Open /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
3) Uncomment (or add) following lines:

deb edgy universe

4) Add this line:

deb edgy main

5) Close gedit. Update and install wine and cabextract:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine cabextract


6) Download IEs 4 Linux and install

tar zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
cd ies4linux-*


Note for Dapper users: if you use Ubuntu Dapper, replace ‘edgy’ with ‘dapper’ on the lines above.

When I finished installing IE on my Ubuntu, I noticed an unhidden “ies4linux-2.0.5” directory. This folder simply contains installation files and scripts and can safely be removed.

With all the Internet Explorers installed and 3 new icons on my desktop (and not wanting them there), I created a new Drawer on my bottom panel, used the icon pictured above (taken from Deviantart) as the Drawer’s icon, dragged the 3 icons from my Desktop to the new Drawer, and deleted the icons from my Desktop.

Easy as pie! An idiot’s grandma can do it! 😛

BTW, did you subscribe to Linux FUD, yet? You should. It’s good for your health. 😉


21 responses to “How to Install Internet Explorer in Linux for Idiots”

  1. Srikanth says :

    Yes dude.. supposed to be.. but when i tried the same sometime back, i got some error. Dint bother to chk it out..Will try it again and post the error if it comes. So it isnt a thing which is .. “Easy as pie! An idiot’s grandma can do it! :P”

  2. Brent says :

    Which version of IE does this install?

  3. Kevin Guertin says :

    All of them! 🙂 All the ones mentioned in the post.

  4. Brent says :

    Oops, sorry I must have missed that. Silly me. I think I was fighting to stay awake last night when I posted that comment!

    I was just curious if it is possible to install IE7 on Linux, but I imagine that it is not.

    Oh well, I like Opera and Flock on Linux the best anyway.

  5. Brent says :

    I’d have to disagree with your assertion that every other browser is better than IE7 in every way. This isn’t a fact, even though it is presented this way on your blog. It is merely an opinion.

    As a tech, I deal with many software applications, including web browsers, on a variety of platforms, all the time.

    While IE7 may not be the favorite browser of choice for many people, it is a real stretch to suggest that it is worse than every other browser out there. Perhaps you have only tried a couple of others, but IE7 is a fairly decent bit of software.

    I am not speaking in the defense of Microsoft or any other company. They are not putting money in my pocket. But I must force myself to be honest.

    I try to understand why so many people must use only one OS or use the products of only one company. There are many advantages to many different companies. The diversity of ideas and the competition that this generates, makes the tech world better for everyone.

    It is possible to execute malicious software in Linux, but like you said, it is a matter of strict permissions which will most likely not allow this. There are not very many viruses written for Linux, but this is mainly due to limited usage and the fact that many of the people who write Windows viruses, hate Microsoft and use Linux regularly.

    As far as security is concerned on the Windows platform, it is not all that hard to lock down a secure system. One thing to start with, is to not run Windows in an administrative account for normal usage. The same can be said of any OS. Microsoft’s problem is that they have enabled this by default, along with many networking services that are completely useless to the average desktop user. However, it is not difficult to create a limited user account., and disable unneeded services. It’s no harder than finding a Linux tweak on Google.

    Anyway, much of the OS wars and browser wars silliness is based upon opinion, and preferences –not factual evidence. Every operating system, including Linux is full of security holes and bugs. In most cases, most of these will not affect the average desktop user anyway, but people want to exploit this and take it way out of proportion.

    I say, use whatever you feel most comfortable with. The truth is, there isn’t that much difference between oses anymore, and the desktop OS, as we know it, will soon be a thing of the past anyway.

    Personally, i run a dual boot between XP and Edgy so I have the best of both worlds.


  6. Kevin Guertin says :

    Yes, I agree. Most of my comments about IE7 are opinion. I am an avid Firefox user. Yes, I have used plenty of other browsers. IE7 is good for the average user; average being the not-so-techy or computer literate users. It is completely un-customizable, even with their new “add-ons”, which really won’t bother the “average” user.

    Before I used Firefox, I used Maxthon, which uses the IE engine, and it allowed a lot more customizations than IE and had tabs. It is an awesome browser, but inherits the same security issues as IE.

    My problem with IE7 – in a power-user view – is that we waited so long for it to come out with supposedly better security and with the expectations that it would be so much more customizable, but yet, nothing is different. Their “better security” consists of covering up their security issues by implementing things like “click to activate this control”, just like Vista’s security guard asking “Are you sure you want to click the Start button?”. (Yes, I know it can be turned off.)

    IE7 isn’t for a power-user. They forced their new IE7 GUI on us, without being able to customize it the way we want. With Firefox, on the other hand, I can move/remove/edit every single button, menu, toolbar, etc, to my satisfaction.

    Anyhow, I strongly complained about it in my original post about IE7, so I’ll stop complaining here, again. 😉

  7. Rohan says :

    Hi, I tried installing ies4linux (not via your instructions, as i’ve found them trying to fix a problem), and it all went well exept for a cabextract error at the installation point! (some ‘all’ to go well I know, but compared to some programme installations I’ve tried it’s amazing!)

    i was just wondering if you knew what the problem could be?! I got this:
    Installing IE 6
    Creating Wine Prefix
    Extracting CAB files
    lib/ line 69: /home/chadwick/ies4linux-2.0.5/cabextract.log: Permission denied
    cat: /home/chadwick/ies4linux-2.0.5/cabextract.log: No such file or directory
    rm: cannot remove `/home/chadwick/ies4linux-2.0.5/cabextract.log’: No such file or directory
    An error occured when trying to cabextract some files.

    Cheers 🙂

  8. Kevin Guertin says :

    Looks like you don’t have permission to write to that directory, hence then “Permission denied”. Do a “sudo chown -hR chadwick:chadwick /home/chadwick/ies4linux-2.0.5/” where chadwick is your username.

  9. Jonathan Wagener says :

    dont agree… internet explorer is a great browser and surpases with its user base by far.

    IE7 has great css support and in most cases looks exactly the same as firefox.

    I am a web designer / developer and I use firefox and ie7 together all the time.

    cool article though

  10. linuxer says :

    Do you think that all of linux users have internet connection in their PC?

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