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Amarok Suddenly Stops Playing MP3s

I noticed today that Amarok suddenly decided to stop supporting MP3 playback. I would try to load a song in a playlist and Amarok would tell me something along the lines that it does not support the MP3 format and that Xine couldn’t play it. It provided me with a “Install MP3 Support” button, but I when I would click it Amarok would freeze and I’d have to kill it.

This perplexed me since it worked yesterday.

My first step was to see if I could play an MP3 from another application like Listen. It worked.

I tried re-installing Amarok, but that didn’t work. I did some Googling and found the solution:

  1. Close Amarok
  2. Delete the ~/.xine folder. (That’s the .xine folder in your Home directory)
  3. Restart Amarok.
  4. Play an MP3

Since this may have been a unique situation, this solution may not necessarily work for you. Nonetheless, I hope I helped someone out there. If it did work for you, please leave any comment here so I know I helped someone! 🙂

Linux Kewl Link: Can You See the Penguin?

Where is my mind?

I haven’t seen anything like this. That is some amazing work! Maybe I should use that as my signature… <grin>