Archive | November 29, 2006

Linux Tool Highlight: Desktop Data Manager

Desktop Data Manager Clipboard HistoryI found this great utility for Gnome that I just can’t keep as a secret! 🙂 It is called the Desktop Data Manager and includes “a clipboard history for many different types of content” like text and images that sits in your notification area (system tray), and an application to take screenshots of a single window, a region of the screen, or the whole desktop. Being able to select the region of the screen is VERY important to me and it’s a huge time-saver.

The clipboard application is like Klipper, but for Gnome. Wickedly sweet!

Wow! This is the best Linux gem I’ve found in a while!

In Windows, I used a little old program called ClipCache Plus for years, which is also a clipboard extender that allows you to save ALL of your clipboard history. I couldn’t live without it. (By the way, they just recently released their first new version since 2003!) Migrating to Linux made it difficult to let go of ClipCache and Klipper doesn’t play well in Gnome. Desktop Data Manager has solved it and is even better than Klipper! It doesn’t hold ALL of your history — it has a user-specified limit — but it’s better than no history at all!

Screenshot ApplicationAnother thing I REALLY wanted ported to Linux is SnagIt by Techsmith. SnagIt, of course, is a screenshot application that does it all! It’s an amazing piece of software that allows you to take any kind of screenshot, add effects to it, add arrows, pointers, balloons, and so much more. Too much to list, and that’s not an exaggeration. This little gem doesn’t do all of this, it just captures regions or windows or entire screens, but it just makes it easier to send to Gimp for editing.

Desktop Data Manager is available as a .deb (Debian Packager), a .rpm (RedHat), and .tar.gz. Ubuntu users need to download the Debian Package (.deb file).

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