SCREENSHOT: November 26, 2006 – NBC’s Heroes Gnome Desktop

I am a HUGE fan of the new television series by NBC called Heroes. I created my own Theme for my Gnome desktop based on the show. Here are a couple of screenshots. I call her “Eclipse”:

NBC’s Heroes Gnome Theme: Eclipse1280 x 1024 – PNG

NBC’s Heroes Gnome Theme: Eclipse1280 x 1024 – PNG

Gnome (Ubuntu)

Click thumbnails to enlarge to full size.


13 responses to “SCREENSHOT: November 26, 2006 – NBC’s Heroes Gnome Desktop”

  1. Kevin Guertin says :

    I’m sorry, I don’t remember what specific Theme I used for controls… I don’t have the same Ubuntu anymore.

    The glass icon theme can be found at: but many of the icons are individually changed to ones that better matched my theme…

    The Window Borders is one of the many Vista ones that you can find on… don’t know which one, though.

  2. trojjer says :

    I’m just watching the “Unaired Pilot” that I erm, obtained, and it seems quite clear that Nikki is using Linux on her computer when she’s doing her raunchy webcasts! This is a step in the right direction for the big studios, as they usually mess up the realism completely with GUIs, probably because of copyright/trademark concerns or something… It’s nice to see a real operating system being used, and Linux too.

    Just a shame for you, then, that it looks like it may well be a KDE theme 😛 I’m not entirely sure until I find a proper freeze-frame, but unless you can get KDE themes on GNOME (which is likely, I admit, because that’s what FOSS has taught me recently), I’m pretty certain of the status of this “endorsement” 😀

  3. Kevin Guertin says :

    Endorsement? I’m not sure what you mean?

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