Gnome-Theme-Manager to Support Color Scheme Customization

Gnome Theme Manager to Support Color Scheme CustomizationOne thing lacking in Gnome is the ability to change the color scheme of your chosen theme. More precisely, gnome-theme-manager doesn’t currently allow you to customize your colors. You can change your icons, window borders, and controls, but you can’t change the color scheme. The color scheme is set within the chosen Theme itself and currently cannot be easily changed/edited by a user.

This is about to change, and I, for one, will be one step closer to be fully Microsoft Windows-free!

Thomas Wood, the developer, also tells us:

“My current plans include the ability to specify a number of different color schemes in the theme itself (including translations of the colour scheme names). If you set your own colours, you will set the current colour scheme to ‘Custom’, and will always be able to pick one of the schemes from the theme again.”

Just like in KDE. Wicked sweet! That is one thing I love about KDE, though. Highly customizable. 🙂

Thank you, Thomas!


12 responses to “Gnome-Theme-Manager to Support Color Scheme Customization”

  1. laosboyme says :

    Wow! I wish they’ll have glass effects or something :))

  2. flirtydancing says :

    Oh I like that color scheme. It’s a great idea! Blk,wht,light pink and that green. Very cool. I need colors that works fine together and I can’r combine nicely, do u perhaps know of any site which free premade color schemes?


  3. nitrofurano says :

    6 colours as colourscheme is too limited – wonderful would be if we could import sgi-Irix colour schemes (.basecolorpalette files) and/or .kcsrc (from KDE), which both were much more complete (20 colours or more in average), allowing you to change the colour of buttons, sliders, checkboxes, textcontrol fields, progress bar, etc. – much more complete, and i think all Gnome users will love soon this feature being available! 🙂

  4. nitrofurano says :

    (do u perhaps know of any site which free premade color schemes?)
    Try kde-look – i confess i don’t like KDE at all, but the colour schemes from there are not bad
    Files from (imd4linux project as well) may have some sgi-Irix colour schemes as well – some time ago i published at forum some colour schemes as well

  5. girl in pink says :

    im despert could u ppl help me plz….
    i want 2 change my computer scheme to pink
    can any 1 help me …plz

  6. girl in pink says :


  7. pinky girl says :

    plz help me too to change my computer schemer to pink

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