Color Scheme Designer for Gnome Desktop

In Thomas Wood’s blog post about supporting color schemes in the gnome-theme-manager, a reader named Drew Kerr pointed readers to a nifty little tool that helps users and designers (even painters!) to select color schemes.

Agave ScreenshotAgave “allows you to generate a variety of color schemes from a single starting color.” It is free software licensed under the open-source GPL License.

Agave allows you to generate 6 different types of color schemes: Complements, Split Complements, Triads, Tetrads, Analogous, and Monochromatic from any base color you desire. It supports Drag and Drop between Agave and GIMP, as well as many other programs.

Other features allow you to save your schemes as favorites, generate random schemes, selecting colors outside of Agave with a dropper, and more.

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