SCREENSHOT: November 20, 2006

In the “Adventures” series, a user asked to post a screenshot of my desktop to see the customizations I was talking about. It gave me the idea of posting my screenshot every time I made big changes to it. So I’ve decided to make it a regular thing here on Linux FUD.

You will find all of my screenshots HERE.

Although it isn’t what my desktop looked like at the time the customizations I mentioned in that post were made, here is my first screenshot… I call her “Glassy LiNsta”:

Ubuntu Screenshot - November 20, 2006 1280 x 1024 – PNG

Gnome (Ubuntu)

Click thumbnail to enlarge to full size. 

UPDATE:  The background can be found here:

There isn’t anything special with this desktop. It’s just Gnome with some window borders, icons, and wallpaper that I downloaded from the GNOME-Look site. No extra software to achieve it. Well, I mean, you do see other applications in that screenshot, but they don’t alter the look of it. Maybe just complement them! 😛

What do you think of it? I like the “freshness” of it… Maybe I should show you my GDM login screen, too. It goes perfectly with my desktop. I think it’s the best login screen around…

GDM LoginThe Shutdown button overlaps the faded design a little in this shot, but shows normally in a 1280×1024 screen; the GDM screen was shot within a nested xnest window.

I love the look of my desktop. 🙂

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8 responses to “SCREENSHOT: November 20, 2006”

  1. Denny says :

    The desktop looks GREAT !!!
    What programs did u use for the Dock on the top ??
    and the transparent Widgets ??


  2. Kevin Guertin says :

    The Dock at the top is the Starter Bar desklet, which comes with gDesklets.
    The clock at the bottom right is the FTB-clock 0.10 desklet (gDesklets).
    The system information bar at the right is gkrellm.
    The media player is Amarok.
    The icons are called “Glass Icons” and you can find them at the website, along with the background. CORRECTION: The background can be found HERE.
    The panels at the bottom are just regular transparent Gnome panels.
    The Window borders is “OpusOs”, which can also be found at the Gnome-Look website.
    The GDM Login theme is “Avio-GDM”, also found at the Gnome-Look website.

  3. laosboyme says :

    Can i get the instruction 🙂 i like how it look…Its GREAT!!!!

  4. laosboyme says :

    how about the window list? i’am using 6.06

  5. Kevin Guertin says :

    Thanks! 🙂 There aren’t any instructions, though, except for the sizing of the panels. The largest panel is set at 48, double the size of the default size of 24 so that I have two rows for the window list. Both panels are set with two different levels of transparency. The rest of the details is in my comment above, and in this post:

  6. laosboyme says :


  7. symbolik says :

    Hey, I really like your blog – mirrors a lot of the same feelings I had when I switched a few years back. If you don’t mind, I added your site to my blogroll – it is an attempt to keep a list of useful and friendly linux WordPress blogs. The screenshots are a good idea, too. Maybe I’ll post mine on my blog.

  8. Kevin Guertin says :

    Thank you very much! I took a look at your blog and I like what I see there. I will blogroll you too. 🙂

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