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SCREENSHOT: November 20, 2006

In the “Adventures” series, a user asked to post a screenshot of my desktop to see the customizations I was talking about. It gave me the idea of posting my screenshot every time I made big changes to it. So I’ve decided to make it a regular thing here on Linux FUD.

You will find all of my screenshots HERE.

Although it isn’t what my desktop looked like at the time the customizations I mentioned in that post were made, here is my first screenshot… I call her “Glassy LiNsta”:

Ubuntu Screenshot - November 20, 2006 1280 x 1024 – PNG

Gnome (Ubuntu)

Click thumbnail to enlarge to full size. 

UPDATE:  The background can be found here:

There isn’t anything special with this desktop. It’s just Gnome with some window borders, icons, and wallpaper that I downloaded from the GNOME-Look site. No extra software to achieve it. Well, I mean, you do see other applications in that screenshot, but they don’t alter the look of it. Maybe just complement them! 😛

What do you think of it? I like the “freshness” of it… Maybe I should show you my GDM login screen, too. It goes perfectly with my desktop. I think it’s the best login screen around…

GDM LoginThe Shutdown button overlaps the faded design a little in this shot, but shows normally in a 1280×1024 screen; the GDM screen was shot within a nested xnest window.

I love the look of my desktop. 🙂