How to Recover Ubuntu After Installing Microsoft Windows

Lost your GRUB boot menu because you installed or re-installed Windows? Follow these steps to recover your list of Operating System (OS) choices:

This will be good when upgrading to Windows Vista and you lose your GRUB menu… Of course, that’s if you decide to use Windows Vista at all. .oO(Ubuntu is all you need!)


9 responses to “How to Recover Ubuntu After Installing Microsoft Windows”

  1. JRB Tech says :

    Someone please talk me into giving Ubuntu another try! AHH! My rain can’t make up it’s mind!

  2. tahir says :

    the page has a lot of alternates…

    me confused

    I only want to recover my Ubuntu grub having my windows xp in its list, so which method which I go for…

    Which one from following…
    – Using the Desktop/LiveCD while preserving Windows Bootloader
    – Using the Desktop/LiveCD and Overwriting the Windows bootloader

    or any other from the ubuntu doc page

  3. tahir says :

    Please Kevin reply my above post

  4. sanjar says :

    2 tahir:
    Using the Desktop/Live CD and OVERWRITING the Windows bootloader.

  5. Kevin Guertin says :

    I’m sorry, tahir… I haven’t been paying attention to this blog in the past few weeks due to some personal reasons.

    Yes, the second option would be the best for your situation.

  6. Iain Bagnall says :

    Bear in mind Vista cannot be booted by grub- it needs its own bootloader. you should install grub to the same partition as linux, set up to boot only linux, then point the vista bootloader at it using bcdeasy.

    Windows xp you can reinstall grub and it should create an xp entry, vista is a different kettle of fish though.

  7. ricardo says :

    Vista cannot be booted by grub my a55 already did it several times with no problem even resized the vista partition to share the same disk with linux without data loss

  8. Somnath says :

    u better use the live CD and try 2 figure the partition where the grub was originally present , then type in the terminal
    sudo grub <>>
    tht will do
    …. u can refer my blog if necessary..

  9. Somnath says :

    setup(hda0) not set(hda0,3)

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