Archive | November 17, 2006

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Will Include Proprietary Drivers

The next version of our favorite Linux distribution Ubuntu 7.04 is scheduled for release on April 19, 2007 and will include proprietary drivers to help Ubuntu emphasize on desktop effects and multimedia enablement.


What’s your view on this move?

Linux OS Infringes on Microsoft’s Intellectual Property

windowsxphiding.pngAccording to an article written by Eric Lai at, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer believes that the open-source Linux Operating System “uses our intellectual property” and Microsoft wants to “get the appropriate economic return for our shareholders from our innovation.”

Soon after the article’s release, readers of the website responded — or retaliated — at full force with comments like:

“I guess Ballmer figures if he can’t eliminate Linux, he can ‘blackmail’ his way into owning a piece (or pieces) of it. Seems I recall a problem with Linux/Unix sometime back, and Microsoft had duplicated the code so closely that they had the same problem in Windows. I guess this “intellectual property” idea only flows one way in Microsoft’s world. God knows they haven’t benefited in any way from anyone else’s work.”

Of course this falls on the heels of the November 2 deal involving an agreement by Novell and Microsoft to improve the interoperability of their competing software products.

Back in June 2001, Steve Ballmer declared that “Linux is a cancer”.

Ubuntu forum members are clearly not pleased with Microsoft.

Hopefully, this will cause more people to realize what Microsoft really is and seek alternate Operating Systems.

How to Recover Ubuntu After Installing Microsoft Windows

Lost your GRUB boot menu because you installed or re-installed Windows? Follow these steps to recover your list of Operating System (OS) choices:

This will be good when upgrading to Windows Vista and you lose your GRUB menu… Of course, that’s if you decide to use Windows Vista at all. .oO(Ubuntu is all you need!)