Adventures in a New Ubuntu 6.10 Clean Install – Day 2, Part 1

Day 2, Part 1

Configuring Display Settings and Resolution

The first thing I had to do once I got to my Ubuntu desktop (after login, of course!) was to reconfigure my display settings. The maximum resolution allowed was 1024×768 with a refresh rate of 60Hz. My default is usually 1280×1024 @ 75Hz. So my screen was too small and flickered at such a low refresh rate.

To fix this screen resolution issue, I did a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg.

I also had to Google my monitor’s specs so I can correctly tell the xserver what my horizontal and vertical frequency ranges are. When I ran that command in terminal and followed the steps, I noticed that Ubuntu had set my X Server Driver to “vesa” for some reason. I changed that to ATI, my video card manufacturer. I continued with the other steps and mostly hit Enter throughout unless I knew what to change. I got to the frequency range and inputted the correct numbers.

After finishing the reconfiguration of my display settings, I did a CTRL+BACKSPACE to restart the xserver and make the settings go into effect.

My display was finally normal again.


3 responses to “Adventures in a New Ubuntu 6.10 Clean Install – Day 2, Part 1”

  1. Barry Matson says :

    My first time installing ubuntu. What a mess!
    stuck in 640 x 48 resolution not seen since the previous century. Can’t change it. Tried the sudo dpkg reconfigure command, got some screens about keyboards but nothing that helped. This is basic stuff. I know ubuntu is made by amateurs, but why is it so bad?

  2. G.E.B says :

    I have 2 problems in new Ubuntu 6.10 on my IBM Y530, the sound system, which is embedded on it is Dolby Digital 4.1 !!! and it sounds amaizing in Vista, but sound in Ubuntu is awfull all quality completely lost, and my vidoe card shows too less colors .. I’m trying to findout how to fix this all …

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