Internet Explorer 7: What were they thinking??

I know this is off-topic and has nothing to do with Ubuntu/Linux, and I know I haven’t posted in a while (been busy studying the XML Handbook), but I need to vent my frustrations at Microsoft and their attempt at creating a new “browser”.

I’m talking about IE7.

It was released on October 18, 2006. It will be deployed through automatic updates starting November 1, 2006. I’ve been testing this new version since its early beta stages…

I don’t call that atrocity a browser, even in its final version.

To me, a browser is something that will — at the same time as allow normal web surfing — enhance my web-browsing experience. A browser should be customizable. IE7 is not even close to being customizable. And the ironic thing is, Microsoft boasts in big letters on the IE page that “they heard us” and that “we wanted it easier”.

Well, guess what, Microsoft? You didn’t f!#$ng hear us, otherwise I would be able to move toolbars/buttons around. I would be able to add buttons. I would be able to put the tabs at the bottom of the window. If you would have heard us, you wouldn’t have permanently separated the navigation buttons with the unmoveable address bar.

If you would have listened, I’d be able to decide (on my own) if I want the search bar or not. And I don’t want it… so why can’t I remove it?? I don’t need it… I have the wonderful Google toolbar — which, by the way, is customizable! Who knew??

Easy?? It’s not easy! It’s restricted. There’s a BIG difference! When the hell did we ask for THAT specific GUI to be forced on us?? Show me the multiple posts in forums or blogs or reviews where we specifically asked you to force your idea of a browser GUI down our throats and I’ll shut the hell up. I sincerely doubt that any of us “users” have asked for these restrictions…

Hmmm, Mr. Microsoft… I think we all want the refresh button and stop button totally separated from the other navigational buttons with the address bar… oh! And don’t forget to restrict us from changing that! We wouldn’t want to have too much control! And while you’re at it, we all want you to permanently place the address bar, the search bar, and the navigational buttons above anything else in the window and totally restrict any kind of personalization. No one wants the Main Menu Bar at the topmost like all other applications in Windows.”

During your Research and Development, did you even take a look at Firefox and Opera (among others) and try to understand why these browsers are extremely popular? Did you?? You may have, but you didn’t care… You didn’t care about your users, only about yourself… Nothing has changed. Did you realize that we are in 2006 and not 1998?

I remember back around that time when Netscape ruled the browser world because IE4 was way behind and Netscape offered more to their users. I never looked at IE4 again until IE5 came out, which seemed like years later.

Then Firefox showed up and it has been my main browser for a few years now without any complaints. Now, I feel like I’m in 1998 again and I seriously don’t see IE7 making any kind of progress (except for better security, more standard-compliancy, and RSS integration) from the previous version.

I also don’t see any reason for any users of other browsers like Firefox or Opera to switch back to Internet Explorer.

People reading this post may complain that I’m complaining too much and tell me to just “not use it”. Well, sometimes you HAVE to use it because it’s a Microsoft-run world and it is forced onto our systems!


I predict that Internet Explorer 7 will be the biggest flop for Microsoft this year and the next. More reason to stay with Ubuntu – or any flavour of Linux for that matter — as a main OS.

Where’s my beer?

8 responses to “Internet Explorer 7: What were they thinking??”

  1. Mihai Dan Popescu says :

    Wow! It’s a shame that the people from Microsoft won’t read this… but if I think about it even if they did read it they wouldn’t care of a ‘few’ discontented costumers. I see nothing bad in sticking to Linux/Unix. 😀

  2. tim says :

    Well I just called corporate Microsoft and the lady wanted me to leave a formal complaint about IE7 NON moveable toolbars. I suggest everyone inundate their key board with complaints. the number is (425) 882-8080.


  3. llo says :

    I have never thought about purchasing software for another browser until now! I downloaded the IE7 because I was told that he would provide for me a greater security while browsing the web. What a price to pay for security!!

  4. guy says :

    How about we inundate their ‘SWITCH’ board with calls…rather than their key board.

    Howzabout that?

  5. Jeffrey says :

    IE 7 is a catastrophy. It’s unacceptable to see such fooling advertisement by MS.

  6. Victor says :

    I’m wondering if you’re running Microsoft Vista or something, because I’m running XP SP2 (as a secondary OS) and I’m not forced to use IE7 at all when I’m in Windows.

    All the best and please continue the manifestation of your hatred towards IE7, because it sure is entertaining. 🙂

  7. Paul says :

    Do you pick winning horses too? it’s 2012 now and this is amazingly accurate!

    I searched for the title of his because a website in Aus is so annoyed at IE7 they’ve started charging 6.8% extra as a tax to the idiot users.

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