How to Add the Trash Can to Your Kubuntu Desktop

Do you use Kubuntu (or have KDE installed in Ubuntu) and want to add a Trash can to your KDE Desktop? If so, then follow these steps:

Create a text file on your Desktop by right-clicking on it and pointing to Create New > Text File. Open this file and paste the following in the file:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Contains removed files

Save the file and close it.

You’re done!

Looking to add the Trash Applet to your Ubuntu (Gnome) desktop? Read this post.

19 responses to “How to Add the Trash Can to Your Kubuntu Desktop”

  1. Patrick says :

    Kovik’s method worked best for me, the original method works but that one also shows the trash can

  2. Patrick says :

    Shows the can as in the icon

  3. Keith says :

    Thanx for the Tip

    Dave’s comment was necessary

    – us noobs really need helpful people like you : )

  4. eumel says :

    as i don’t like to much stuff on my desktop, i’ve put the trashcan in my panel!
    just rightclick on panel – attach miniprogramm – then select the trashcan and there you go,trash in panel! 😉
    i’ve done my own eumelmenu that way too, so i don’t have to go through the kmenu for my favorite programms!
    just rightclick next to kmenu, choose ‘menu-edito’r, file-‘new element’, name it and choose icon, rightclick on it, choose ‘new submenu’, choose an icon and search for the application’s order, do it for all your favorite programms and you don’t have to go through multimedia, internet, system, games, etc, to start your programm!
    hopefully this was understandable, as i run german kde and some translations wouldn’t come to me today! 😉

  5. Greets! says :

    Thanks for the info!

  6. Abhi..... says :

    Thnx 4 the trick…………[:)]

  7. TheOldOne says :

    its nice to share info!

  8. Anonymous says :

    Or just make a link to a URL and name it whatever you like and have the url as “trash:/” without the quotes, and its done.

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