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How to Show the Trash Can (and others) on Your Desktop in Ubuntu

Ever tried dragging that darn Trash applet from your Panel to the Desktop in Ubuntu cause you wanted it there like the Recycle Bin in Windows?


You did?

Did it work?


Do you want me to show you how you can put the Trash on your Desktop, just like in Windows?


You want to see it like this?Trash Applet on Desktop in Ubuntu

If so, then send $20 by Paypal to… OK OK… I’m just kidding!

And just because I’m nice (I like ya) and I feel bad for playing that joke on ya (tee-hee!), I’ll show you how to add the Computer icon, and for a BONUS (Yah!), I’ll show you how to put your Home icon there too! All this just so that it feels a little more “comfy” after moving from Windows, Hell, USA.

1. Click on Applications > System Tools > Configuration Editor. (UPDATE: If it’s not there, you’ll need to enable it in the menu editor by right-clicking on the Menu Bar and selecting “Edit Menus” sinceUbuntu Configuration Editor it’s hidden by default.)

2. Now navigate to… wipe your hands of that sweat! This isn’t that hard! Navigate to /apps/nautilus/desktop and put a checkmark on whatever items you want on your Desktop!

3. There is no number 3.

You’re done.

Close your Editor.

No need to save… it’s instant! Maybe I should take this time to warn you to be extremely careful playing with the configurations in there cause it doesn’t warn you (like Windows), it doesn’t ask you first (like Windows), and it’s instant (unlike Windows). Think of it like the Windows Registry.

Looking to add the Trash to your KDE (Kubuntu) desktop? Read this post.

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That’s it for today, class! See you… whenever!

Hey… wait! You dropped your mouse.