Fixing MSN Connection Problem: Can’t Connect in Gaim, aMSN, or Kopete

For the last couple of weeks or so (maybe it’s just been a week, I don’t know), I haven’t been able to connect to MSN with Kopete or Gaim. It has worked fine since initial installation of Ubuntu, and all of a sudden it just stopped and kept spitting out an “operation is not supported” error message. I didn’t really look into it during that time. But yesterday, it finally pissed me off enough to sit down and troubleshoot it.

After a bit of thinking, Googling, and reading forum posts, I remembered that MoBlock (PeerGuardian for Linux) had recently been updated.

Why would that cause any problems? Well, I remembered that when I initially installed it, I had to remove the Microsoft ranges that MoBlock blocked so that I can connect to MSN. I followed some steps in the Ubuntu Forum MoBlock thread to remove these ranges and it worked… until the update.

Thinking that the update re-added the Microsoft ranges, I figured I’d follow the same steps. When I looked at my MoBlock settings, sure enough, Microsoft was getting blocked again. Then I thought, no. I just want MSN to work and not block all of Microsoft.

So I followed some other steps in the MoBlock thread to tell it to allow the port number Gaim and Kopete use to connect to the MSN servers (UPDATE: A slight update with the latest version (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and the current moblock).):

  1. sudo gedit /etc/moblock/
  2. gksu gedit /etc/blockcontrol/blockcontrol.conf
  3. Find the line: WHITE_TCP_OUT=”http https”
  4. Add 1863 (MSN Port #) to that line, like this: WHITE_TCP_OUT=”http https 1863″
  5. Save the file and close it.
  6. Do a sudo /etc/init.d/moblock-nfq restart sudo blockcontrol restart

That’s it! No more problems! Then, I got this satisfying feeling in my tummy!

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26 responses to “Fixing MSN Connection Problem: Can’t Connect in Gaim, aMSN, or Kopete”

  1. Chris says :

    Thanks for posting this.

    I found on ubuntu FF that I need to edit and restart MoBlock-ipq.

    Now MSN works! yes I totally forgot about moblock, never would of been able to find it.

  2. Kelvin says :

    When i was typing this command sudo gedit /etc/init.d/moblock/ in suse linux desktop 10, i got this message, seems like not allow me to display the file. Any solution?
    (gedit:5776): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

  3. jack says :

    well i have a trouble for 5 days this trouble is making me crazy my msn keeps on signing out automatically and they say( your connection to msn is lost) something like that, know that my internet connection is good and i don’t have any troubles with it, but the msn isnt good when i first installed it it was doing great but now like in every minute the msn goes off so that i go online offline online offline online offline online offline online offline online…. I’m depressed please help me.BTW i tried turning of the firewall but it didn’t work, so what’s the solution please reply!

  4. Keira says :

    well it didnt work for me!! GRRR!

  5. Katie says :

    im having the exact same problem as jack , and i cant take it any longer ! , it’s the most annoying thing ever,, if anyone has a solution > PLEASE LET ME KNOW.. i really can’t stand this msn :P.
    hehe thanks

  6. Max says :

    It was working fine, till the I got the new version today, I tried to fix it the same way, but I it’s not working anymore, I’ve even trouble just to open a webstite… I’ll die young eith all this stress…

  7. Kondor says :

    with ubuntu,
    sudo gedit /etc/moblock/moblock.conf
    then add the 1863 like how the original poster said
    save it and restart
    sudo moblock-control restart
    worked for me.

    Thanks for finding the port and explaining how white out works as I could never have figured it myself.

  8. michele says :

    you are the man who helped me, even in italy they come, your good suggestions. grazie

  9. jon says :

    I have this problem, but I don’t have moblock! As far as I know I don’t have a firewall either…I’m not sure, but it might have been when I installed KDE 4.0 that MSN got messed up…yet it neither works in KDE (with Kopete or aMSN) nor in Gnome…

    Please help!

    • wormazz says :

      I have same problem 😦 I was installed KDE 4.2 in my Debian Sid box and MSN won’t connect 😦

      Please, help 😦

  10. Maurita Vaughan says :

    I,m trying to get my msn to work rite – – HELP —

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