How to Add Folder Locations to the “Places” Menu

Want to add another location in your “Places” menu?Add folders to your Places menu

  1. Open Nautilus.
  2. Navigate to the folder you wish to add to the “Places” menu.
  3. You can either a) Bookmark the location (CTRL+Dor– Click on Bookmarks > Add Bookmark) or b) simply drag the folder to the left pane.

As a note, you cannot add Applications to the menu. The Places menu is for just that: places!

The example shown here has the “My Documents” folder added to the places menu:

Places Menu

5 responses to “How to Add Folder Locations to the “Places” Menu”

  1. Charles says :

    How can you remove unwanted places from the Places Menu?

    • Bruno Daniel says :

      Open Nautilus, in the left pane you should see your Places. Just right-click an unwanted folder and hit “Remove” (or “Delete”, my Ubuntu is not in english so I’m not sure).

  2. epic says :

    y esto mismo pero para que se haga efecto a TODOS los usuarios que yo cree de una sola vez ?? se modifica algun archivo especifico del sistema ???


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