Changing from Ubuntu to Kubuntu (Installing KDE to Ubuntu)

I decided to change from Gnome to KDE today. Why? The Gnome interface is too simple that it makes it very difficult to customize it the way I want. Many normal customization settings that I expect to find in a good environment – that I can easily access in KDE – are not accessible or don’t even exist (as far as I can tell) in Gnome. I find that the KDE environment is much more “geeky” and customizable than Gnome. I’m geeky that way…

Besides, I find that the Gnome GUI is “unsteady” or “unstable”. Not that it crashes all the time (cause it doesn’t), just that it seems weak in the way the windows are created. It’s just the “feel” of it, I guess. It’s kind of hard to explain. I find the KDE environment – although not as “pretty” as Gnome” – to be more robust, and that includes KDE software. I feel safer, more confident, with KDE.

I’ve used Gnome in different flavors in Linux over the years, and the Gnome environment is much better in Ubuntu than it was in previous versions, but I’m still not convinced that it is ready as the Desktop Environment to conquer Windows.

Now I just have to get used to KDE. I may have a different opinion after a few months in KDE. Who knows?

But if you are a user that only has Gnome (Ubuntu) and would like to have KDE available as a Desktop Environment option at logon, do the following command in Shell:
sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop
I ran into a few “issues” after. I ended up with an ugly KDE login screen. I had to do the following to get it back to normal:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm
Follow the steps and choose GDM when asked.

Now that you have KDE installed, you can login to it by hitting F10 at the login screen or using the Options menu at the login screen.

The boot-up and shutdown splash screens also get changed to the blue Kubuntu splash, which I find really ugly. I like the default boot splash and shutdown splash.

To restore the original splash screens, open a terminal window and do the following commands:
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/usplash/ /usr/lib/usplash/
sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-$(uname -r)


And now you are back to the normal Ubuntu splash theme, but with the option of loading the KDE Desktop Environment.

If your login screen’s resolution suddenly becomes too big to fit your screen, read this post.

Enjoy your new KDE!


20 responses to “Changing from Ubuntu to Kubuntu (Installing KDE to Ubuntu)”

  1. Javo says :

    Hi, i’m very new in linux, i’m using ubuntu dapper 6.06 and, i’m veru confused about gnome and kde, but, for many reasons, like…. can i install beryl in ubuntu with a nvidia?, well, a lot of people say running yes… but i can’t do it yet. so many lines to copy and paste, so many ways, so many opinions. And, i’m tried a lot, but i can’t. i wrote this in this forum, because i’m not sure, but i’m finish to think that i need kde to install that beryl. because the instructions in gnome, really don’t work to me. Please. Please again, can someone have a little of time to explain me how to do that. Change gnome to kde or how to install beryl in gnome. Well its all, i hope all of you be fine and good, and i’m wait your help. Thanks a lot

  2. Javo says :

    i tried this one > # sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop but nothing happen!!!

  3. Kevin Guertin says :

    Don’t include the # symbol.

  4. me says :

    now where are the files for later use?

  5. hannes says :

    Hi, after I have installed KDE, I probably might like to uninstall gnome for the reason of saving disk space. I will not use it anyway since i am a kde nut… so how do I do this?


  6. Cayson says :

    I am installing Ubuntu right now, Feisty Dawn, but I wanted to install Kubuntu. After none of the disks in the world work, and ShipIt being down for maintainence, I finally had to settle with the only working Ubuntu disk I had. So will this be Kubuntu or just something very similar to it?

    When I install things for Kubuntu will it install? Or is it still Ubuntu at heart?

    Dang it! It got another corrupt file! I am going to go mad soon…

  7. Masterbard says :

    Hi I just read the instalation process and i noticed that it might be useful to add how to recover the grub in case you have dualboot when installing KDE it happened to me that when I installed KDE my windows boot got lost and I had to do some recovery steps which I don’t know at the moment.

    thanks for the steps 😀

  8. Andre says :

    Ubuntu looks very sweet. I’m going to install it as dualboot on my laptop. 🙂

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