Lexmark x1110 Driver For Ubuntu Linux

One of my biggest issues with using Linux with my computer is getting ALL of the hardware to work. The only hardware that I’ve had a hard time with is getting my Logitech Cordless MX Duo (keyboard and mouse) to work completely and getting my Lexmark x1110 (remind me to get a new printer) to work at all.

Tonight, I found a solution to my printer issues. I searched the Ubuntu forums and fell on this post. I followed the steps on the first post exactly and my printer works! Even though I installed the z600 drivers, my cheap Lexmark x1110 printer works in Ubuntu 6.06 LTS! Nice! The Ubuntu Community is great!

I haven’t tested the scanner on it yet, but who cares? Who uses scanners now? Well… okay, I admit. I use it mainly as a photocopier to save important paper documents digitally… oh, and printing Xbox cheats… hehehe.


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